We have many home-rooted missionaries here in the United States. These people are spreading the gospel in their own backyard, and though religious freedom is truly a blessing, there are still many people groups that have not been witnessed to, such as Jews, immigrants, international students, Muslims, cults, and the prison population.

The USA has over 317 million people as of 2010. 77% profess to be Christian, 16.5% non-religious, and many other religions under 2% of the population. The USA has rich religious history and great resources for spiritual growth, due to religious freedom. However, the separation and church and state is highly misused, attempting to remove public exercise of religion; others attempt to create a type of Christian theocracy within the government. The world’s perception of the USA as the only superpower and a moral authority is severely plummeting. The USA’s cultural and social influence allow for it to have both great good and much sin. Materialism and individualism are widespread, as is corporate greed. Many minorities are attacking the USA’s spiritual heritage and attempting to silence Christians. Church populations are rapidly decreasing and the non-religious movement rising exponentially. There is a great need for Christian unity, leadership, and revival. It is clear that Christians are not making the impact they should due to their freedoms, thus the Christian interaction with society needs to be reevaluated. Humanism, New Age movements, and postmodernism are clear rivals to Christianity.



Fred Kornis was raised in Kansas City, KS. He attended Trinity College in Florida and received a B.A. degree in Religious Education in 1976. In 1986 he received a M.A. degree in Ministry from Faith Evangelistic Schools. He has completed various specialized training programs and seminars. In 2001 he finished a Doctor of Ministry degree from Faith Baptist College and Seminary. He has authored books entitled Mighty Man & His Miniature God and Rogue Ministry, available upon request. Fred also
has music he writes and plays.

In 1969 he married Barbara Mendelsohn, who helps with administrative duties at the HIM headquarters; they have 4 children—Summer, Jeremy, Faith and Vanessa, and presently 14 grandchildren and 4 great grandkids!

Fred Kornis trusted the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior on July 11, 1970. Kornis was in the U. S. Army, 173rd Airborne and served in Vietnam. While in Vietnam, he was involved with a LZ and the drug rehabilitation program for soldiers. Fred has served as a youth/music director and interim pastor. In 1973 He served with Operation Mobilization (OM) in Mexico and other OM countries since. Kornis was also a city chaplain in Baltimore, Maryland from 1976-1983, and the Area Director of the Baltimore/Washington branch of Open Air Campaigners and staff evangelist from 1975-1984. He was a missionary in the Philippines during 1984-1986. Upon his return to the USA in 1986-1988, he served as U.S. Field Representative of Open Air Campaigners. He has been a missionary-evangelist with Ambassadors for Christ International for 14 years, and pn 2001 established a new mission agency called Heartland International Ministries in the Kansas City area. He has served on the Boards of three different organizations.

Fred’s ministry includes all forms of public and church evangelism, special revival meetings, regular training projects and programs for foreign countries, seminars to every age group on spiritual life, and sponsorship and equipping of many national workers around the world. He constantly consults with pastors and leaders regarding ministry issues in various cultures. His “relational” style makes him a friend to all people.

During his ministry over the years, he has traveled and ministered in many countries— including Mexico, India, the Philippines, China, Kazahkstan, Europe, Asia, Nicaragua, Egypt, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Fiji, New Zealand, Haiti, Croatia, Guatemala, Honduras, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Poland and Nicaragua. A network of relationships in these countries continue and are the part of the ministry of H.I.M.

His ministry also includes a wide range and variety of ministries with local churches, youth groups, camps, schools, jails, hospitals, rescue missions, men’s retreats, conferences, training seminars and home visitations to the sick and shut-ins.

His beloved wife Barbara has been his partner and friend for almost 50 years now and they would appreciate your PRAYERS as they press on.


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