Becoming Self-Sufficient

The Livelihood Initiative was established with a vision to help our ministry partners be self-sufficient by giving them an opportunity to start their own business. We help launch the business by giving them a onetime investment. The businesses that are started help support their ministries, families and the needs of their community which enables economic sustainability. With donor support we’re able to fund their projects that help create a lasting economic, educational, and humanitarian impact around the world. That’s why it’s so important for you to get to know some of the amazing people that we call partner and friend.

Suraraj in India

Our partner Suraraj is a passionate mission partner of H.I.M. He is planting house churches for the unreached people group in the villages in eastern India. He continues to build relationships through the day care centers he is operating and the Teach For Odisha hostel for secondary students. With H.I.M. support, Suraraj opened a garment shop (Mercina Garments) to help sustain his family and ministry. Mercina Garments is now a thriving business in the local market and working on competing consistently with other businesses. The peak time for his business is during the Hindu Dussehra Festival in October and the Christmas Season in December. Please pray for Suraraj and for his business, that it will continue to grow for the glory of God.