Continuing To Feed Others Even After The Loss of His Close Friend

The people in Pakistan frequently experience a lot of adversity. The summertime normal temperatures are reaching 108* consistently, the worst flooding in years is predicted during the upcoming monsoon season and now they are dealing with COVID-19 which has struck Pakistan hard. There is no livelihood and not enough food. This still does not hold a candle to the persecution of Christian believers that is happening every day. It affects many lives including the life of one of our PALS, N. John.

N. John is coping with the loss of his close friend Nadeem, who was attacked and killed by his anti-Christian neighbor. Nadeem had been working in another country to make a better living, so that he could support his family and return to Pakistan to buy a house in his hometown. He was fortunate enough to purchase a new home and move his family there a few months ago. However, immediately after moving into the new house, he was confronted by his neighbor, asking whether or not Nadeem was a Muslim. When Nadeem told him that he was a Christian, the neighbor said that no Christians are allowed in his neighborhood. He tried to physically harm Nadeem, and warned him that if he did not move his family out of their home to a new neighborhood there would be consequences. Day by day the situation escalated.

killed for being a Christian

killed for being a Christian

On June 2nd, Nadeem’s oldest son was on his way home when he was confronted by one of the neighbor’s sons. The neighbor and his son pulled out weapons and made threats to him. Other neighbors intervened and seemed to control the situation. Unfortunately, later that day the neighbors broke into Nadeem’s home and opened fire on him and his family. Nadeem was shot twice in the stomach, his mother-in-law was shot in the arm and his brother was shot in the ankle. After five surgeries, Nadeem passed away. It is such a tragedy that a dear friend, father and husband was another target of persecution motivated by hate.

Please pray for Nadeem’s family, they are traumatized, scared and fear of more attacks. Your prayers of support are needed for all the Christian families living in persecution. If you feel moved to help financially it would make a huge difference in many lives. The persecution of Christians is an unrelenting issue globally, and at H.I.M. we continue to prioritize offering support to our brothers and sisters who deal with this suffering as they proclaim Jesus as their Lord.

N. John and his family are doing as much as they can to help the persecuted families as well as the poor and needy families in Pakistan. The Food Distribution Compassion Campaign through their ministry, Bethel Evangelistic Organization, has been able to help over 500 families by providing them with food packages during the Covid-19 lockdown. These families are from 3 different provinces, 5 districts, and over 20 towns and villages. It has been extremely impactful to many people in Pakistan.

H.I.M. is asking for help to support their ministry in feeding another 100 families in 3 villages of the Lahore District. There is currently a shortage of flour, sugar, cooking oil, and rice in Pakistan. These 4 ingredients are included in the food packages delivered to the needy population. Due to the shortages, prices to acquire the food supplies have risen. Any financial support that can be offered would be greatly appreciated and will go a long way to help them reach their goal of supporting another 100 families in need, while spreading God’s word to these families.

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