Nero Fiddled While Rome Burned.

H.I.M. was Born to Put Out the Fire!

We have had the opportunity to get to know some of the most amazing people in the world. People who not only have to fight extreme poverty, but also other religions and believe it or not, their government. These are our everyday heroes, the people who need above all Human Dignity. H.I.M. was created to provide human dignity by advancing the Gospel in the most unreached and impoverished nations around the world. During our journey, we have had the opportunity to build schools, educate young people, start businesses, repair broken homes, and show people the love of Christ.

Our journey has produced unbelievable stories that have touched our hearts as nothing else has. Now we want to share them with you. In these stories you will learn how we:

Share the Gospel

Advance the Gospel in the most needy and impoverished nations around the globe.

Build Communities

Empower individuals with skills whereby they can support their families and create opportunities for themselves and others.

Do Good Works

Meeting physical and emotional needs of people is the best avenue to meet their spiritual needs.