Livelihood with Livestock

Vinay Dairy business

Prasad’s Investment

Our partner Prasad is a second-generation missionary in India. His parents have been in ministry for over 50yrs. Prasad’s mission work is growing in the remote villages throughout India where most are unreached people groups. His vision is not only caring for the orphans, growing the house churches, and spreading the gospel throughout India, but growing the livelihood initiative. H.I.M. gave a seed investment for one of the local pastors and his wife to start a goat farm to support their family. The livelihood project started last year with 10 goats to support new Christians, and now they have more than 16 goats. Three village women are helping care for the goats and they are selling the goat milk at the market. Prasad has a vision of helping new believers come out of poverty by growing the Livelihood Initiative to start chicken and cow farms as well.

Vinay’s PAVE Ministy

Since 2007, Vinay has been empowering the poorest communities of North and Central India. His ministry, People in Action for Virtuous Empowerment (PAVE) is a Christian Non-Governmental Organization. PAVE supports people in India by providing care for the whole person; social, emotional and spiritual well-being. The partnership with H.I.M. helps raise funds for struggling pastors to start businesses. By helping pastors become self-sufficient allows them to share the Gospel to the many poor and unreached people in India. A computer business center, garment & tailoring shops, taxi & e-rickshaw, and a dairy farm are just a few of the businesses that we have helped start. Please help us pray for the continued support needed for this amazing livelihood initiative.

Prasad livelihood