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Thank you for continuing to journey with me through life! Here is a little bit of what God did through our teams in the Philippines!

We arrived in the Philippines after a few long days of travel and said a sad goodbye to half of our teammates as our class was split into two different sections of Manila. After driving two or three hours in the dark, we were welcomed into the small one room church. Tired, hungry, dirty, and confused as to where exactly in the world we were, we start rolling out our sleeping bags on the floor our “home” for the next two months knowing we would have to roll them back up every few days. We woke up still tired, not quite sure where to get breakfast, and having no idea what we would be doing that day since we had no connections…but we pushed on. We started our time there by taking shifts reading the bible out loud over the city from cover to cover day and night till we were finished. Those who weren’t reading went out to prayer walk and to scout out the area for connections.

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