Music and Literature Outreach

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Pastor Lawrence

The ministry of Pastor Lawrence is a family calling and their labor of love in the community attracts thousands all over India. He has trained dozens of pastors who are leading house churches in dozens of communities and villages across India. Their infl uence in the community is tremendous. Lawrence and his children lead worship through Christian gospel music and have recently released an album that has reached over 284,865 people. They reach 30-50 thousand people through their Facebook Live program where they share the word of God. The friendship and trust between Lawrence and Fred is more than 40 years. In 1983 Fred gave Lawrence $25 to purchase a small parcel of land. This small investment has now grown to include a home and Ministry Center for thousands of people. Please pray for the medical challenges and needs for Lawrence and his family

New pic of Lawrence

Surendra in Nepal

Surendra has an organization that monitors the cross border in Nepal against trafficking of vulnerable girls for prostitution. He helps them and leads them to Christ. Surendra’s passion is seeing Nepali Christians have access to Christian literature. This has led him to translate the Kingstone Bible that includes 12 Books. This is a graphic adaptation of the stories in the Bible. Since most unreached people in Nepal cannot read. He has also translated two books by Roy Hession, “We Would See Jesus” and “When I Saw Him” into the Nepali language. Surendra’s ministry is committed to reaching remote villages in Nepal, distributing audio Bibles to the local villagers and handing out picture Bibles to children in the area. Many lives are transformed through their mission. His ministry partner Lucky is fi lled with zeal and passion to reach out to the people with the gospel in the streets of the capital and several other cities outside Kathmandu.

Surendra and his son