Disaster Relief

Our efforts to send relief to those in undeveloped or underserved areas of the world are countless.

We are determined to meet the physical and spiritual needs of others during times of crisis. Many items such as medical, dental, and hygiene supplies, clothes, and food have been distributed. Disasters like typhoons and glacier flooding have destroyed many villages and killed hundreds of people. We are helping them rebuild. During the global pandemic our work has been essential in the small villages where it has devastated those living in remote areas. The children, the poor and the sick need food and supplies. Our partners are helping when Christian’s face discrimination and do not receive help from their government. In many countries, Christians live in daily fear of being killed. We help our mission partners with rebuilding houses and sending supplies. Emergency aid is sent to help refugees that have fled Afghanistan and the Rohingya refugees that fled Myanmar because of violent ethnic cleansing. It’s critical that we provide immediate and practical relief to create a humanitarian impact around the world.

Christians persecuted that PK is helping ORIGINAL Photo

Noe G’s Ministry in the Philippines

July 14, 2021

Noe G. is from the southernmost province of Mindanao, Philippines. He is a ministry and community leader that has faithfully and boldly stood for Christ while reaching those in need. For over 25 years Noe has worked hard to build a network of churches and outreaches throughout all the islands of the Philippines. He has…

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Feeding Remote Families in Pakistan

August 20, 2020

Without your kind gifts, N&R would be unable to feed hundreds of families in remote villages in mountainous regions of Pakistan. Thank you and please continue to pray for all our PALS as they continue to bring hope and feed desperate people throughout the pandemic. #covid19 #covidrelief #caring #feeding #hope #newstoriesstarthere #buildcommunities #dogoodworks #sharethegospel #heartlandinternationalministries

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Vital Supplies Feed Needy Families

August 20, 2020

N&R delivered vital foods supplies to 158 families in Pakistan. Thank you and please continue to pray for all our PALS as they continue to bring hope and feed desperate people throughout the pandemic. #covid19 #covidrelief #caring #feeding #hope #newstoriesstarthere #buildcommunities #dogoodworks #sharethegospel #heartlandinternationalministries

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Continuing To Feed Others Even After The Loss of His Close Friend

August 17, 2020

The people in Pakistan frequently experience a lot of adversity. The summertime normal temperatures are reaching 108* consistently, the worst flooding in years is predicted during the upcoming monsoon season and now they are dealing with COVID-19 which has struck Pakistan hard. There is no livelihood and not enough food. This still does not hold…

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Give To The COVID-19 Relief Fund

August 17, 2020

HIM has continued to receive prayers and funding from our supporters that help us respond to the needs around the world. Assistance is essential in the small villages where Covid-19 is devastating the people living in these remote areas. The children, the poor and the sick are in need of food and supplies. The cries…

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The Lord’s Favor

August 17, 2020

Ramesh is from a rural village in Garhwal, located in the Himalayan region of north India. He is the oldest son in his family, and is forced to provide for his mother and siblings as his father is deceased. Ramesh was working in Maharashtra, Mumbai in a restaurant, and sending money home to support his…

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Remote families grateful for emergency supplies

August 13, 2020

Over 52 families in 4 remote villages have been given emergency food relief while one of our PALS shared the Gospel. They told us that they don’t have words to express the thanks they feel; God sent us food from heaven to feed His people! Our PALS reach out when no one else cares; they…

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New Stories Start Here – Fred’s Trip to Bangladesh

April 20, 2020

I am so deeply grateful for those who take the time to read, ponder, and care for the ministry God has given us. We live by faith and in constant awe of God and His Word. Psalm 34:3 – Oh magnify the Lord with me and let us exalt his name together. Yes, we are…

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Pakistani Christians Live in Daily Fear of Death Following Their Faith

March 23, 2020

Christians are being openly persecuted for following their faith. Open discrimination and violent attacks are being widely reported in media outlets and Pakistan is ranked as one of the worst offenders of Christian persecution. Under Pakistan’s notorious blasphemy laws, Christian persecution is a growing problem and Christians continue to live in daily fear that they…

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Expressions of Hope Ministry

January 15, 2020

During disasters such as hurricanes, tornado or other natural disaster, trees need to be cut and cleared to facilitate recovery of the communities. Chainsaw crews, whether volunteer or paid operators, are in desperate need of having their saws sharpened so that they can work safely and efficiently. That’s where PALS (Partner and Leader Servant) Tom…

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We advocate for the human dignity of women and children internationally by embracing and providing solutions to prevent human trafficking and child exploitation through sharing the gospel, livelihood projects, education programs and humanitarian aid.


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