Pakistani Christians Live in Daily Fear of Death Following Their Faith

Christians are being openly persecuted for following their faith. Open discrimination and violent attacks are being widely reported in media outlets and Pakistan is ranked as one of the worst offenders of Christian persecution. Under Pakistan’s notorious blasphemy laws, Christian persecution is a growing problem and Christians continue to live in daily fear that they will be accused of blasphemy — which can carry a penalty of death.

This was the nightmare that Asia Bibi lived for nine years when she was imprisoned and placed on death row because of false claims made against her faith. The living example of Asia Bibi is not only a source of strength for our faith, but also a true expression of our hope — a hope in Christ. To a confident believer, hope is the anticipation of a brighter future with the Savior. Asia Bibi was released resulting from a persistent public outcry against this injustice. She always fought passionately, never giving up but continuing to trust in her Savior.

A few months ago, we were deeply saddened to hear from one our PALS in Pakistan that yet another converted family was severely persecuted for their decision to follow Christ. Nonstop persecution is an everyday occurrence for Christians at the hands of the majority religion. The family’s wood and straw hut was set on fire by an angry mob of almost a hundred people. The fire destroyed everything they had including money that they received from selling their livestock only a few days before. All of their personal belongs have been burned. A temporary shelter, some clothing, bedding, and a few other things have been provided to the family for survival. But prayers are needed for the protection of the family and finances to help them with a new hut/house, household items and livestock which is their main source of income and survival.

Asia Bibi, and others like this family, teach a great lesson to the world; that we have to hold on to the confession of our faith. She made history — as a Pakistani uneducated believer and as a woman — if she could stand up for her faith, then why can’t we hold on to the hope of our confession. Please stand with Heartland International Ministries to pray that the Lord will protect them and others who turn to Christ.

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