As of 2010, Indonesia’s population was over 232 million people. Christians hold 15% of the population while Muslims come to 80%. “Islam’s strength and influence in numbers and power allow it to exert itself on the religious scene, giving itself preferential treatment and limiting Christian activities and public presence. Such power also enables the use of violence, mass demonstrations and threats to achieve its socio-political goals” (Operation World by Jason Mandryk). Natural disasters are common and cause many to become homeless or displaced. There are also very few teachers and disciples here.



92% of the Philippines’ 93.6 million people profess to be Christian. The Muslim minority, making up 5% of the population, are moving to make an independent Islamic state. The Philippines have great potential in the economic and political realm, but due to the government’s failure to deal with important social and economic issues, half of the population is impoverished. This country is Asian’s most Christian nation, but also the 4th most corrupt. Tropical storms are a big factor, costing the country millions in repair and aiding the poverty problem. The Catholic Church, which has a foothold here, and the Protestant churches are fighting for power instead of working together. People here also are blending Biblical truths with false teachings and creating their own cults. There is a great need for leadership, but the missionary organizations in the Philippines is rapidly growing.



We advocate for the human dignity of women and children internationally by embracing and providing solutions to prevent human trafficking and child exploitation through sharing the gospel, livelihood projects, education programs and humanitarian aid.


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