Rock Standing Spring 2020

The news of the last few weeks has been extraordinary as our world faces historic challenges with the growing COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. Amid the stress and uncertainty, it’s never been more critical to stay connected with one another, even as we practice social distancing to reduce transmission and keep each other healthy and safe. And there has never been a more important time to look to our Lord Jesus. Let me share a brief story with you.

I have an attorney friend who e-mailed the other day and asked how I was coping with all of the events and instructions being reported in the news. I said, “Sometimes I’m feeling up, at other times I’m feeling down, but I’m finding comfort in Jesus”. He replied, “I thought you’d say something like that”.

At the time of this interaction I thought very little about the brief exchange, but I have known this man for 30 years, I know his wife and I know all five of his children. I began to wonder if this brief encouragement was something to be used by God as a good work prepared beforehand. As I reflected further, I have come to realize that yes that was the intent of the words created in Christ Jesus. Well dear friends, if that off-the cuff testimony about finding comfort in the Lord Jesus can be used by God, imagine what can happen when we intentionally pray for guidance and the Lord moves us to help people across the globe with tangible good works to share.

When we are deliberate in our giving of the good given to us, this is an act of FAITH AND HOPE given to us by the Lord to do. Not because we want to brag but because God knew we would do so before it ever happened. I also think of the great King David, despite his numerous setbacks he was always in search of God’s will for his life. Sometimes, we all think that God has abandoned us only to be drawn back by an instance, a circumstance or an event where suddenly we realize we have not been abandoned at all. God was using us to do good works or to reach out and care for those less fortunate than we are, which he prepared in advance for us to do. What has God called you to do that you are trying to ignore? Are you wondering if this is his will? We are allunder pressure in most every part of our lives but I think we need “to do” for others the work, the giving, the support, the conversation that God has prepared already for us and already knows that we will.
To God be the glory. Amen.


Byron Whetstone, Executive Director