Alongside livelihood projects in impoverished nations, H.I.M. is advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

We’re here first and foremost to share the gospel through intentional missions work. We enable others to share the gospel by raising funds and sharing resources so that missionaries can give their communities a place to worship God, study the scriptures, and serve their neighbors. We’ve seen lives changed because of the grace of God and the work of our PALS in countries throughout the globe. 

We vet and equip PALS to share the gospel in tangible ways by stationing PALS throughout the world to plant churches, share the scriptures, and offer Hope. Our support enables PALS to go out and spread the gospel without having to worry about getting food on the table. We help PALs get the resources they need to advance the gospel in their country in ways that are safe, innovative, and accessible. 

Our PALS are living in nations where the word of God is often discouraged by government and culture. We’re working with PALS throughout the globe to provide mentoring and spiritual guidance for leaders so that they can encourage and teach others. Our PALS work tirelessly alongside local believers and nonbelievers to create a hopeful community through lifestyle, education, and humanitarian projects.


We believe in the value of empowering individuals with skills that they can use to support their families and create opportunities for themselves and others in their communities.


We support Partners and Leader Servants who are starting lifestyle, education, and humanitarian projects. We’re working with locals to identify the needs of the community. We work with PALS across the globe to help bring clean water, education for all ages, language schools, employable skill opportunities, building projects, and other humanitarian programs to people living in third-world countries where these resources are seldom accessible.


In the United States, we live in abundance. By gathering the excess and sending it out to others, we can share the wealth. By pooling our excess of resources, donors’ support can make an impact in the lives of people living in abject poverty.


Like our founder, Rev. Dr. Fred Kornis, we believe that the best way to meet the spiritual needs of people is to also meet their physical and emotional needs.

We believe in making a tangible impact. Our spiritual work goes hand-in-hand with our labor. We pair immediate relief efforts with sustainable solutions. We champion and support PALS and their projects, which are helping to create a sustainable economic, educational, and humanitarian impact in their community.



HIM is a faith-based nonprofit that empowers people internationally to improve thier lives and communities by sharing the Gospel and supporting humanitarian works, education programs and livelihood projects.  ​


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