Livelihood - sewing school for women 2022

The Livelihood initiative was established with a vision to help ministry partners be self-sufficient by giving them an opportunity to start their own business. We help launch the business by giving them a one-time seed investment. The businesses that are started help support their ministries, families, and the needs of the community which enables economic sustainability. 

Mission/Church Planning

Mission Church - Surendra teaching in rural village

H.I.M. along with our mission partners around the world are dedicated to helping the poor, sick, and unreached. We are making a tangible impact by enabling others to share the Gospel. Our spiritual work goes hand-in-hand with our labor. We pair immediate relief efforts with sustainable solutions. We champion and support our partners and their projects, which are helping to create a lasting economic, educational, and humanitarian impact in their community. When you give someone skills and opportunity, you’re giving them a chance at a better life.

Disaster Relief

Christians persecuted that PK is helping ORIGINAL Photo

Our efforts to send relief to those in undeveloped or underserved areas of the world are countless. We are determined to meet the physical and spiritual needs of others during times of crisis. Many items such as medical, dental, and hygiene supplies, clothes, and food have been distributed. Disasters like typhoons and glacier flooding have destroyed many villages and killed hundreds of people. We are helping them rebuild. During the global pandemic our work has been essential in the small villages where it has devastated those living in remote areas.


Children receiving books in jungle village in bangladesh

Education programs are vital to helping our partners create better futures for their communities. We currently send aid to 65 orphanages and schools across the globe. This includes repairs to buildings, school supplies, feeding programs, and constructing roofs, new floors and study areas that allow a better learning environment. Our partners are teaching literacy and Bible education programs to children, some with special needs.



We advocate for the human dignity of women and children internationally by embracing and providing solutions to prevent human trafficking and child exploitation through sharing the gospel, livelihood projects, education programs and humanitarian aid.


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