Alongside livelihood projects in impoverished nations, H.I.M. is advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

We’re here first and foremost to share the gospel through intentional missions work. We enable others to share the gospel by raising funds and sharing resources so that missionaries can give their communities a place to worship God, study the scriptures, and serve their neighbors. We’ve seen lives changed because of the grace of God and the work of our PALS in countries throughout the globe. 

We vet and equip PALS to share the gospel in tangible ways by stationing PALS throughout the world to plant churches, share the scriptures, and offer Hope. Our support enables PALS to go out and spread the gospel without having to worry about getting food on the table. We help PALs get the resources they need to advance the gospel in their country in ways that are safe, innovative, and accessible. 

Our PALS are living in nations where the word of God is often discouraged by government and culture. We’re working with PALS throughout the globe to provide mentoring and spiritual guidance for leaders so that they can encourage and teach others. Our PALS work tirelessly alongside local believers and nonbelievers to create a hopeful community through lifestyle, education, and humanitarian projects.

New church established in unreached village

August 11, 2020

  One of our PALS in Asia travels to unreached villages where the word of God is very new to them. Pray for him while he works to touch the hearts of the unreached people. A new church was built and dedicated in one of the villages that he visits. There a 20 families living…

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Sharing The Gospel

May 1, 2020

In northern India, Pastor Lawrence S. and his family have been serving the Lord faithfully for decades. Lawrence is completely dedicated to making the Word of God known throughout India. He holds a massive open air Christian program every year that draws crowds close to 10,000 people. For several days people gather to hear guest…

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New Stories Start Here – Fred’s Trip to Bangladesh

April 20, 2020

I am so deeply grateful for those who take the time to read, ponder, and care for the ministry God has given us. We live by faith and in constant awe of God and His Word. Psalm 34:3 – Oh magnify the Lord with me and let us exalt his name together. Yes, we are…

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Pakistani Christians Live in Daily Fear of Death Following Their Faith

March 23, 2020

Christians are being openly persecuted for following their faith. Open discrimination and violent attacks are being widely reported in media outlets and Pakistan is ranked as one of the worst offenders of Christian persecution. Under Pakistan’s notorious blasphemy laws, Christian persecution is a growing problem and Christians continue to live in daily fear that they…

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Missions – From Fred’s Heart

February 22, 2020

The word Missions does not appear in the Bible, but a vast revelation is given to the theme of missionary work. The words evangelist and witness come closest in meaning to the subject. Old Testament references to the divine purpose of having God’s Word proclaimed include Proverbs 14:25-27; Isaiah 6:8, Acts 10:43 & 14:17. Old…

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We believe in the value of empowering individuals with skills that they can use to support their families and create opportunities for themselves and others in their communities.


We support Partners and Leader Servants who are starting lifestyle, education, and humanitarian projects. We’re working with locals to identify the needs of the community. We work with PALS across the globe to help bring clean water, education for all ages, language schools, employable skill opportunities, building projects, and other humanitarian programs to people living in third-world countries where these resources are seldom accessible.


In the United States, we live in abundance. By gathering the excess and sending it out to others, we can share the wealth. By pooling our excess of resources, donors’ support can make an impact in the lives of people living in abject poverty.


Like our founder, Rev. Dr. Fred Kornis, we believe that the best way to meet the spiritual needs of people is to also meet their physical and emotional needs.

We believe in making a tangible impact. Our spiritual work goes hand-in-hand with our labor. We pair immediate relief efforts with sustainable solutions. We champion and support PALS and their projects, which are helping to create a sustainable economic, educational, and humanitarian impact in their community.

Help HIM feed the children

September 3, 2020 |

Prayers and support is vital in the small villages where COVID-19 is devastating the people living in these remote areas. Donate Share on Facebook Facebook Share on Email Email Share on Linkedin Linkedin Share on Twitter Twitter

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The Lord’s Favor

August 17, 2020 |

Ramesh is from a rural village in Garhwal, located in the Himalayan region of north India. He is the oldest son in his family, and is forced to provide for his mother and siblings as his father is deceased. Ramesh was working in Maharashtra, Mumbai in a restaurant, and sending money home to support his…

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HIM Children’s Home

February 21, 2020 |

Prasad and Susan G. are natives of south India. They have developed and oversee a dynamic and expanding ministry in Kerala, a southern state in India. They started a boy’s orphanage in 2000 with 10 boys. When it opened the name was Beyond Two Thousand Christian Mission (BTCM); now, the name is H.I.M. Children’s Home.…

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A Bright Light In The Slums

January 21, 2020 |

On the outskirts of Delhi, entire communities of people exist on the fringes of society. The name “trash dump villages” is given because the surroundings have been reduced to a dumping ground. The village is built inside of the trash dump. The people collect the trash and work to segregate the plastic, paper and metal…

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Expressions of Hope Ministry

January 15, 2020 |

During disasters such as hurricanes, tornado or other natural disaster, trees need to be cut and cleared to facilitate recovery of the communities. Chainsaw crews, whether volunteer or paid operators, are in desperate need of having their saws sharpened so that they can work safely and efficiently. That’s where PALS (Partner and Leader Servant) Tom…

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HIM is a faith-based nonprofit that empowers people internationally to improve thier lives and communities by sharing the Gospel and supporting humanitarian works, education programs and livelihood projects.  ​


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