We are a faith-based nonprofit that empowers people internationally to improve their lives and communities by sharing the Gospel and supporting humanitarian works, education programs and livelihood projects.


Who We Are

We are continuously building and sustaining a network of connected PALS and Donors. We can’t have one without the other.


The Midwest is built on radical hospitality. We have a cultural mentality of opening our homes and building tight-knit communities. We carry that same kindness to the ends of the earth, reaching out and inviting others to join us at the table. Heartland International Ministries is based in the Midwest because that’s where we call home. We believe that the world is the heartland of Christ.



Heartland International Ministries has a heart for those living in impoverished nations. As Americans, we enjoy the many amenities and freedoms that others do not often experience. We can share our abundance with others around the world and provide immediate and sustainable relief.



We believe in going out and doing the work. We can’t sit idly by while our friends struggle across the globe. We have believers throughout the world that are building schools and educating young students, starting businesses, repairing broken homes, and showing people the love of Christ. By giving microloans or providing tools and equipment for PALS to start businesses, communities and locals are able to have economic sustainability.




  1. Enable others to share the Gospel by raising funds and sharing resources so that workers can advance the Gospel in their country and create a place to worship God, study the scriptures, and serve their neighbors.

  2. Support our PALS to help them create a hopefull community through lifestyle, education and humanitarian projects.

  3. To focus on mentoring and ministry programs that will sustain believers in their own personal faith, equip them to share their faith with others and be faithful to a local church..

  4. Support and implement projects that provide people with essentials for a healthy life like water, food, shelter, employment and education.

  5. Facilitate responses and relief by churches, believers and teams to national and international emergencies and crisis.


We prioritize helping people in developing nations.  Our many years of relationships and involvements cover levels of life and unique circumstances.


We are a non-profit mission organization that does various kinds of humanitarian work, training, equipping believers, reaching into needs and places where the opportunities to know the Creator and Savior are very limited.


Training, sustaining, and revitalizing believers and churches. Partners and Leader Workers (PALS) outreach by engaging, ministering, equipping, and sharing.

Music and Literature Outreach

Christian Relief for the Poor

Growing Nigerian Congregations

Building Churches Across the Globe

Hyderabad School Teaches Tailoring

Teaching Skills to New Believers

Livelihood with Livestock

Becoming Self-Sufficient

Rock Standing Fall 2022

From Fred’s Heart

Ramayon and Rimis’ Shalom Ministry Supports Girl’s Hostel in Nagaland

Noe G’s Ministry in the Philippines

Rock Standing Summer 2021

Pastor Richard is Building Communities

From Fred’s Heart

Answering God’s Call to Zulu’s Ministry in Rural Zambia

Sanga Shares the Gospel

Rock Standing Winter 2020

Giving First Fruits

Help HIM feed the children

Feeding Remote Families in Pakistan

Vital Supplies Feed Needy Families

Do whatever He’s says to do

Continuing To Feed Others Even After The Loss of His Close Friend

Rock Standing Summer 2020

Give To The COVID-19 Relief Fund

Life-Long Destiny to Nurture & Heal

The Lord’s Favor

Remote families grateful for emergency supplies

Prayer Letter – August 2020

New church established in unreached village

The Light of the World

For God So Loved The World

Take Action For The Children

Mother’s Day Miracles

Rock Standing Spring 2020

Love In Action Orphanage

Sharing The Gospel

New Stories Start Here – Fred’s Trip to Bangladesh

Agape Ministry Shares God’s Love to Three Children Centers

Offering Hope in the Philippines

Pakistani Christians Live in Daily Fear of Death Following Their Faith

Feeding Program Helps Women & Children in Rural Villages in India

Missions – From Fred’s Heart

HIM Children’s Home

A Bright Light In The Slums

Expressions of Hope Ministry



HIM is a faith-based nonprofit that empowers people internationally to improve thier lives and communities by sharing the Gospel and supporting humanitarian works, education programs and livelihood projects.  ​


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