Pastor Richard is Building Communities

Pastor Richard is an influential pastor and leader working in north India. For decades he has built relationships and planted churches. He now oversees and mentors a large network of pastors. His passion is supporting rural villages with outreach, training, supporting young pastors and planting churches. Under his direction his ministry is building communities in remote areas by distributing food to families and children in need. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, they’ve sent face masks, soap, hand sanitizer, and other supplies to the villages.
Pastor Richard’s ministry provided a woman with a bike to start her business, trained girls and women how to sew and gave them sewing machines to support themselves. He distributed used clothes to remote villages and orphans. By meeting the immediate to start their businesses, and needs of the families, training believers, communities empowering men and women are built and strengthened.

We are a network solely built on the donations of generous people like you. At H.I.M., we steward the gifts we’ve been given to better communities across the globe. Every little bit helps. Here are examples of how your donations help those who need it most: Donate $10 – A Bible given to someone in a developing country. Donate $50 – A month of school, supplies and food for a child. Donate $120 – A sewing machine for someone to earn a steady income. Donate $550 – Provides food, shelter and medicine to an orphanage. Donate $1,000 – Delivers funds to help build a school or church in impoverished communities around the world.

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