Feeding Program Helps Women & Children in Rural Villages in India

Pastor P.K. is based in central India. He oversees several vital areas of ministry in rural villages. But he is especially passionate about the work he does in feeding those who are rejected by society; the orphans, widows and lepers. The leprosy food program started approximately 15 years ago when a man with leprosy came to Pastor P.K.’s church asking for help and prayers. P.K. went with him to be shown where he and the other patients lived. It was a colony only for the people with leprosy, most of them living by begging in the streets. He was so moved by the people he saw that he had to help them.

People were afraid to visit them but Pastor P.K. said God gave him a heart for the people. He is the only one who visits and shares the gospel with them in their homes. With the help of H.I.M and the church members, he continues to help. Some of the patients have come to know the Lord, started going to church and some of them were baptized. There isn’t a permanent place to distribute the food to them but he is looking for a place for food distribution and that can be used to have a church for them exclusively. This wonderful ministry provides food for approximately 90 patients. Pastor P.K.’s church is located in the slum section of Hyderabad, India. The people live far below the poverty line and the population is mixed with gypsy tribals. He was walking in the streets near his church when he saw several widows sitting outside their homes. They were all Hindu and did not know Jesus and had never come to church. He began helping them with rice and oil and some groceries. Their children are often neglected and go without food.

He is currently helping 100 women that need food, soap and sometimes clothes. Right now, due to funds, they are getting food once per month and most only eat one time a day. He is wanting to start a home for those that are destitute so that he can care for them and share the love of Jesus. Starting the New Hope Women’s Center is the dream but currently he is feeding them at the orphanage.

Slowly he has started sharing the love of Jesus and how He has changed lives. Some of the women have accepted the Lord and started coming to church. He has been able to help and reach them with food and show the love and compassion of Jesus to those who are hungry and needy in the community. The New Hope Orphanage is currently housing 22 children, 12 boys and 10 girls. With the help of donors and by God’s Grace, they are able to feed, shelter, and provide education and medicine to help them. We are thankful for the prayers and support of people like you.


  1. sujil thangaraj on January 22, 2021 at 1:28 am

    This is sujil from mumbai serving lord among the poor community group of people in mumbai slums and other local places in streets and feeding poor kids and their families we need your help i am willing to join with you in the ministry kindly let me know about this.

    • HIM Center on March 2, 2021 at 4:52 pm

      Thanks for your message. Sorry for the delay your message was in our spam box. Please email us at: himcenter@heartforhim.org

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