Hyderabad School Teaches Tailoring

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PK Moses Reducing Poverty

Pastor PK has a great passion in seeing the reduction of poverty in his community through his sewing school for women and a computer class for young people. PK’s church is located in the slum of Hyderabad. With his leadership of livelihood initiatives, poor women are receiving the needed skills to start a business and earn a living. At graduation from the school, they receive a new sewing machine to start their own business. As the women learn tailoring skills, they are also listening to the story of Jesus. In August of this year, 11 women graduated from the tailoring school. These women are happy and blessed to have the training in the school. PK’s wife is also involved, and she shares the love of God to the students. There are currently 12 women enrolled in the 100- day class (about 3 and a half months). Teaching these women a skill will assist in keeping them safe from human trafficking.

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