Christian Relief for the Poor

Diku sharing the gospel

Diku in India and Nepal

Diku is carrying on the ministry started by his father in the Northern part of India and Nepal. He and his family operate a Christian school which has earned him the trust and respect of the Muslim neighbors. They take care of two churches; one is at his house. The two churches, which are located on the Nepal border, need a proper place of worship. They have been serving their community with education programs and providing relief materials for the poor. Their ministry is thriving among both Muslims and Hindu worshipers. Diku is a gifted musician and with a love for children, he provides them with snacks and teaches them songs as he shares the gospel.

Ramayon in India

The Shalom Ministry Centre in India was established by our partner Ramayon and his wife Rimis to care for rural children sent to the city for school. They built a hostel for girls to provide them a safe place to stay as well as to receive support for their spiritual and physical needs. They host classes and provide a feeding program for other children in the community. Ramayon recently baptized 16 new Christians that are now actively involved in the church. Ramis and Ramayon along with their family are respected Christian leaders working among the Naga people of India.