Rock Standing Summer 2021

Lately, God has given some words to me about the future work of HIM and we have been in study of 1 Kings recently at Homer’s. The earliest chapters deal with the reign of King Solomon. As I began thinking about this Rock Standing column for you, I was drawn to this direct and firm reminder given by God to Solomon the King. “Obey my rules and keep all of my commandments” A daunting request then and maybe even more daunting for all of us today. For me, God has been reminding us that despite the disparate health-environment in various countries, the impoverished reality of many people across the globe, and the circumstances of the “woke” cancel-culture, the worldly conflict is seemingly underway everywhere. That He has all of this turmoil in His hands and He will “make a way” for us. Solomon’s ultimate demise was his LOVE OF HIMSELF more than God. This personal selfishness that most all of us struggle to contain, is exactly what I’m reminded of by God. His will not my will. These words from 1 Kings also suggest that we focus our minds on the question of “calling” and purpose since this is what God instructed us to do. Friends, we have each been given this purpose to “obey and keep the teachings” and further fulfill the work we have been instructed to do in the Kingdom of God. We should be diligent to perform the work and we should also be expectant in being supplied the resources by God to achieve the work. Charles Spurgeon the great Baptist preacher in the 1800’s said this:

“In Solomon’s court all his officers had a service to carry out, ‘every man according to his charge.’ It is exactly so in the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. If we are truly his, he has called us to some work and office, and he wills us to discharge that office diligently. We are not to be gentlemen at ease, but men-at-arms; not loiterers, but laborers; not glittering spangles, but burning and shining lights.”

My prayer for the community of HIM is that we rely on the strength of the Holy Spirit to move within us, helping us to OBEY AND KEEP the
commandments and like King David have lives “lived for the heart of God”.
To God Be the Glory.

Now the word of the LORD came
to Solomon, “Concerning this
house that you are building, if you will
walk in my statutes and obey my rules
and keep all my commandments
and walk in them, then I will establish
my word with you, which I spoke to
David your father.”
1 Kings 6:11-12

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