Noe G’s Ministry in the Philippines

Noe G. is from the southernmost province of Mindanao, Philippines. He is a ministry and community leader that has faithfully and boldly stood for Christ while reaching those in need. For over 25 years Noe has worked hard to build a network of churches and outreaches throughout all the islands of the Philippines. He has planted churches, directed Bible schools, taught many seminars and discipleship programs. He has a special gift for developing many livelihood projects for local pastors and leaders to support their family and create opportunity for others in their community. One of his projects is purchasing old cars and transforming them into a Taxi business for pastors.

Over the last year Noe has seen much devastation, not only from the pandemic but also from Typhoon Goni. The typhoon barreled across the Philippines in November that brought catastrophic winds (140mph) and rain. Many people have died amid the storm surge, flash floods, and power outages. He and his staff have started Operation Build Up to help the victims of the Typhoon rebuild their houses. Some of the people have been without housing for over 2 months.

His Covid Relief Operation has helped hundreds of people. Getting relief and supplies to the less fortunate tribes has been a struggle. Many of the areas are only accessible by horse. He is feeding the children and building a tribal church for those that he has shared the Gospel with and are now following Christ.

Please help us pray for and support Noe G. as he continues to inspire and help others with his ministry.

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