Ramayon and Rimis’ Shalom Ministry Supports Girl’s Hostel in Nagaland

On the border of Myanmar is a region of India known as Nagaland. The Naga people are a unique ethnic group that were originally headhunters until Christian missionaries converted the first of this tribe nearly 100 years ago. The Naga region is still in an ongoing conflict with the Indian government due to feelings that India failed to effectively integrate Nagaland with the rest of the country. There is also reported discrimination and the feeling of being alienated by the current Hindu Nationalist government.

The majority of Nagas are Christian. Ramayon and his wife Rimis were born and raised in the mountainous region of India. After attending Seminary in the United States, they returned home to fulfill the calling that was placed on their lives. Their Shalom Ministry has been a blessing for so many. The undertakings include youth camps, outreach programs, bible study, leadership training, women fellowship and discipleship training. But perhaps one of the most significant programs is the Shalom Girl’s Hostel. The goal of the Shalom Girl’s Hostel is to provide a safe and secure environment for young girls while attending school. Many of the children in this remote region must travel great distances to attend public school. Some students have family to stay with but numerous others must stay in hostels which can put them at risk. At the Shalom Girl’s Hostel, they receive food and Bible education in a Christian environment. They receive assistance with their studies as well as their spiritual, emotional and physical health taken care of. Some of the girls are orphaned or less fortunate. Ramayon said, “It’s such a blessing to witness and be a part of the growth of these beautiful girls. They have grown so much spiritually and to bring them just a step closer to Him brings us so much joy!” Dozens of girls have been able to safely attend school because of the beautiful work of Ramayon and Rimis.

Shalom Ministry has helped any people during theCovid-19 pandemic. Even though the lock down has affected the ability to attend church, Ramayon and Rimis have found new ways to share the Gospel. They are reaching out through social media to check on people and having zoom Bible studies. They created a Covid Relief program for the poor and needy to provide food and basic necessities. Shalom Ministry is lifting up those that are suffering. They are serving the people in countless ways, through financial support of the quarantine centers and spiritual support in new and innovative ways. Ensuring that everyone is staying safe and healthy, has access to basic needs and are supported spiritually are their highest priorities.

Please continue to pray for and support Ramayon and Rimis as they continue to extend God’s kingdom through Shalom Ministry.

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