Give To The COVID-19 Relief Fund

HIM has continued to receive prayers and funding from our supporters that help us respond to the needs around the world. Assistance is essential in the small villages where Covid-19 is devastating the people living in these remote areas. The children, the poor and the sick are in need of food and supplies. The cries for help we receive are many and often. HIM has responded by sending over $83,000 to support our PALS during this time.

As the whole world is suffering, you are helping us make an impact in places like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Himalayan Region in northern India, Nicaragua, Zambia, Brazil and Philippines. We couldn’t reach the unreached without your generosity and compassion for others.

Most of the Christians are facing discrimination and targeted violence and most do not receive help from their government. The local pastors and our PALS help with food packages and supplies. They reach out when no one else cares. Please consider giving to the Covid-19 Relief fund.



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