HIM Children’s Home

Prasad and Susan G. are natives of south India. They have developed and oversee a dynamic and expanding ministry in Kerala, a southern state in India. They started a boy’s orphanage in 2000 with 10 boys. When it opened the name was Beyond Two Thousand Christian Mission (BTCM); now, the name is H.I.M. Children’s Home. What started with 10 boys has grown to house between 45 and 60 children at a time. When asked why they started the orphanage, Prasad said, “We want to raise orphaned, poor and neglected children in a Christian environment so they find purpose and fulfillment in their lives.” Orphaned children don’t have a future on the streets.

The boys, ages 5 – 15, attend Sunday School, get a chance to hear the gospel and study Bible stories. To date, H.I.M. Children’s Home has been able to house 600 children. They have gone on to become staff members of the school, police officers, teachers, pastors, and other occupations. Some are studying in Bible colleges. This year monsoon season was very bad for Kerala state. Heavy flooding and mud slides affected the orphanage and many local churches. They don’t receive assistance or aid from the local government because they are Christian. The Hindu religious fanatic government was reelected and they give Christians and Christian organizations a difficult time. Even with all the issues of religious persecution, people are still coming to Christ, especially from the villages.

Through generous help of H.I.M. donors they were able to complete the ground floor and the 1st floor of the orphanage. The newly built kitchen is ready to be furnished. The staff and boys have created a vegetable farm and raise chickens to help support themselves. They are still working to finish the 2nd floor of the building. The new government has given them until April 19, 2020 to finish the floor. Otherwise, they will cancel the permit for the orphanage. Heartland International Ministries and H.I.M. Children’s Home are grateful for all the love, concern and support received from everyone. Thank you for sharing in our efforts and for carrying the burden in the spiritual growth of these children along with us.

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