Agape Ministry Shares God’s Love to Three Children Centers

Three years ago, after meeting Fred Kornis, Suraraj became a Partner and Leader Servant (PALS) of H.I.M in India. He oversees a ministry called Agape Ministry that shares God’s love through education and sharing the Gospel. The ministry is planting churches and running several children’s ministries in Odisha and on the border of Andhra Pradesh. He recognizes that by God’s grace the Lord has been using him for the last five years to do the mighty work of the Lord. Suraraj works with two pastors on the Church Planting Ministry and three teachers in the Children Centers. They have planted three house Churches so far. He needs regular support for this ministry so the pastors and teachers can continue to work. The three Children Centers are located in different places, two in Odisha and one in Andhra Pradesh. The centers are all about helping poor children with tutorial classes and most importantly teaching them about the Bible.

Agape Ministry also ministers to the people with leprosy. Right now there are 17 leprosy patients in a colony separated from their family and kept separate by Government. Suraraj and his ministry visits them and encourages them to come to the Lord. Occasionally they are able to help those with leprosy with household items or grocery items when they have the money. Suraraj feels strongly about his purpose of communicating with women and villagers to carry on God’s work. It is very difficult to go directly and share the gospel to any village in India, especially in these difficult times.

His approach of running the Children Centers and holding holiday activities are very essential to sharing and building friendships with them. This has had great results in the villages he is in. For the last five years Suraraj has not had regular support for his ministry. His prayer and our prayer is that the Lord will open the doors of regular support for his ministry so that he may carry on the task which the Lord has given him to do. Suraraj would like to open a few more Children Centers in Hindu villages to
extend the work of God.