Sanga Shares the Gospel

Our PAL Sanga travels to remote villages sharing the Gospel to unreached people in the jungles of Bangladesh. The people live in extreme poverty and are mostly Buddhists. Since the word of God is very new for them, it was very difficult for them to understand. But they were kind and listened as Sanga shared.
Through the help of the Holy Spirit, the word of God was shared with them. They prayed to God for forgiveness and accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Savior. We praise God for He has touched the hearts of the unreached people. Please remember them in your prayers and to those who are still living in the darkness.
As Sanga’s ministry has grown, he’s helped gather materials and build a church in one of the villages. There are many families living in this village that have become believers. The village is the farthest away from his central ministry. It is situated beside the river and on the border of Myanmar. Now, the families can have prayer meetings, bible studies, church services, and continue to share the gospel with their neighbors.

More and more people are being baptized as his ministry grows. Please pray for them that they remain faithful and strong in the Lord and to grow spiritually.

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